About Stillwater Consulting Group

Stillwater Consulting Group was developed to help clients achieve their dreams of business ownership.

To achieve this mission we will provide:

  • The highest levels of professionalism and experience.
  • Strategic counsel
  • Creative solutions
  • Timely, responsive services.
  • Transparent communications

Menu of Complimentary Services:

  • One Hour of Free Legal Counsel
  • Monthly Small Business Trainings
  • Demographic Study of Your Local Market
  • Franchisee Satisfaction Reports
  • Comparisons of Industry Financial Statements
  • Research Assistance with the Franchisor
  • Research Assistance with the Franchisee
  • SBA Loan Default Reports
  • Training on Franchising
  • Funding Assistance and Analysis
  • Business Plan Outlines
  • Break-Even Calculators
  • Preparation Assistance for Discovery Day
  • Press Release Assistance
  • Office Administration Systems
  • Easy & Free Hiring Portals

Stillwater Consulting Group a division of Stillwater Investment Group Inc.was formed in response to an underserved market in the industry for high-level, advanced education and training on purchasing a franchise.  The world of franchising has become so complex and intricate that many potential buyers of franchises do not know how to decipher the vast information they received about each franchise.  The options for purchasing a franchise are increasing exponentially, coupled with the amount of information available on each concept, there’s a great deal of data for franchise buyers to sift through.  Stillwater Consulting Group recognized that there was a real need to assist the franchise buyers, therefore, we provide advanced research tools, consultative services and due diligence assistance, but also help prospective franchisees qualify for the franchises they desired to invest in.   

We have partnered with experts in the industry and created a company that is built on helping you achieve your dreams of business ownership.  We make this process easy for you throughout the research and award process, but also know it is important to have ongoing training and continued education after the franchise has been awarded.  Because of our relationships, we are able to provide you with a full package of consulting services and ongoing support and training.

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